SQL Server Consultancy

 Providing Services that will keep your Application & Business running smoothly

SQL Server Upgrades

We know how important it is to keep your technology up to date, allowing your organisation to benefit from new features and security enhancements. 

If your SQL Server Estate requires upgrading or you require additional SQL Servers, we will design and build your environments to Microsoft best practise methodologies. We manage all versions of SQL Server from 2000 through to 2016, so there are no restrictions on the versions we will upgrade.

We also provide advice on server sizing, high availability, disaster recovery and SQL Server licensing. All our services are carried out by time served MS certified professionals, who are dedicated to delivering exceptional services to our Customers.

It’s already working for this  NHS  Trust

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
have been benefiting from our SQL Server Consultancy and SQL Server Management services for over 2 years.

We re-designed an old merge replication system that had 6 servers in it, into something more suitable for their current requirements.  This involved designing and building a SQL Server 2016 Always On – High Availability Group.  This means that if the primary server goes off line all connections move to the secondary server in seconds and operations can continue as normal, with minimal data loss.

Once the system was up and running we also carried out the data migration, cleansing and verification to the new platform.  Switch-over to the new environment was done with minimal downtime to the end users.


SQL Migrations

Let us take the headache out of migrating your SQL databases to new environments.   Our team fully manage the whole process with minimal downtime, regardless of the number or size of your databases. This includes all aspects that are applicable to your migration, such as SQL Server logins, re-mapping of Windows accounts (when moving to a different Windows Domain), SQL Agent jobs and Linked Servers.

If you are looking to migrate databases between on premise servers and a cloud environment, we will manage the process from planning, through testing, to the live migration and provide post migration support.

Performance Tuning

By their own design databases will suffer performance issues if they are not optimised on a regular basis.  Using a variety of optimisation techniques we specialise in maximising the speed and performance of SQL Server databases. This can be done either onsite or remotely, a common approach is to initially spend time onsite to establish what the major issues are and then monitor and optimise the system remotely.

Increased performance leads to a better end user experience, increased productivity and cost savings.

Disaster Recovery Design and Setup

We understand how critical your systems are to your business and that data is your most important asset. A disaster effecting your critical systems can happen at any time and can come in the form of hardware failure, database corruption, malicious activity or user error.

Whether your SQL Server Estate is on premise or in the cloud, we can design, build and implement a robust High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution tailored to meet your organisations requirements. Our solutions not only give you the ability to recover your systems quickly from a disaster with minimal data loss, but our solutions can also have your users back up and running on your systems within seconds.

Health Checks

System issues often results in operational disruption, a negative end user experience and cost implications. If your organisation is experiencing system issues a Health Check is an effective way of identifying the root cause.

Our Health Checks cover: System Configuration – Server Infrastructure – Databases – Performance – Availability – Security

Each area is fully documented in detail in a Technical Review (TR) Report with issues highlighted and recommendations made for changes/improvements, ensuring your SQL Estate is fit for ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ purposes.

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