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SQL Server Management, Hosting, Consultancy and Support.  Whether your estate is in the Cloud or on Premise.  We have been providing SQL Solutions to Organisations across the UK, Ireland and Internationally for over 14 years. As your IT partner Intersect will work closely with and become an extension of your existing IT Team, providing additional knowledge, expertise and resilience when needed.


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Our managed services are tailored to each customer’s specific requirements and needs. Whether you need a single system, partial or complete infrastructure hosting, we have you covered.

By leveraging our managed services, you can operate more efficiently and securely. We ensure that your systems are optimised for performance, protected against potential threats, and kept up to date with the latest patches and updates. This level of management provides you with increased resilience and minimizes the risk of disruptions to your operations.

With our expertise and dedication to your success, you can have peace of mind knowing that your systems are in safe hands. We prioritise the security, employ a multi-layered protection, detection, and response security approach to ensure the utmost safety of your systems and data. Our comprehensive security measures span across various levels to safeguard against potential threats and unauthorised access and defends against malicious activities.

Many organisations often seek external assistance to design their cloud architecture for various reasons. Our case study on ‘Cloud Architect Design, Project & Transition Management’ exemplifies how we cater to these requirements.

Cloud architecture encompasses the integration of various components and capabilities necessary to construct a cloud infrastructure. These components include the front end, which pertains to access points, the back end consisting of servers and storage, the delivery model, and the network. By integrating these technologies, a comprehensive cloud architecture is established.

Our team of cloud experts collaborates closely with stakeholders within organisations to understand their requirements and collectively determine an optimal solution. Additionally, we work in close coordination with third-party entities such as hosting providers and software vendors to facilitate a seamless transition and ensure that the final solution aligns with our customer’s needs.

By engaging our cloud expertise, organisations can achieve a solution that meets their specific requirements and provides the desired benefits. We understand the complexities of cloud architecture and strive to deliver a robust and tailored solution that empowers our customers in their cloud journey.