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Partnering with us means entering into a mutually beneficial partnership that works on trust, communication and openness. Together we will provide ‘State of the Art’ services to our clients and implement cutting edge solutions quickly and cost-effectively to address the needs of Organisations of all sizes. Our philosophy is to place the customer at the centre of everything we do and collaborate seamlessly with our trusted partners.


Enabling measurable and positive transformations across varied Organisations. Hennessy specialises in collaboratively identifying areas for improvement, untapped opportunities, and innovative possibilities to meticulously craft, elevate, and integrate Unit 4 ERP systems. Hennessy’s approach involves not only fostering motivation but also imparting targeted training to individuals. With strategic bases in both Scotland and Ireland, we extend our services seamlessly across the entirety of the UK and Ireland.

Bulletproof is a trusted provider of innovative cyber security and people-powered solutions. There cyber security services are the best way to stay one step ahead of the hackers, take control of your infrastructure and protect business-critical data.

The team at LEVEL8 Solutions have been implementing financial software solutions since 1994. They have a track record of success in identifying and filling software gaps through process change, smarter configuration and/or bespoke development. As subject matter experts in their field and with in-depth experience of implementing complex financial software projects around the world, LEVEL8 can lead you on your next technology journey from business case onwards.

Quantum analyse HR policies, business procedures and the existing HRM software capacity, comparing current practice with superior practice, identifying knowledge gaps, risk, and opportunities for improvement in efficiencies. Quantum recognise that transitioning organisations through technological change can be daunting. They will guide and manage your transformation to ensure its success. As Technology is evolving at accelerating at speeds Quantum provides ongoing support consultancy and development. This ensures their new solutions are embedded as the ‘new normal’, allowing organisations to build on their success and keep their digital footprint up to date.

Tech4 Consulting can provide expert technical consultancy in a wide range of Unit4 ERP areas.

Developing and maintenance all Unit4 ERP Report Engine reporting, including Xtra Reports (using RERX and ReSQL), Excelerator, Worderator and ARC. Development and maintenance of all Unit4 ERP customisation, including ACT (Screen, Server Process Webservice) and Experience Packs. Remote & onsite training for Unit4 ERP Reporting, from beginner through to developer and advanced. Developing intergration between Unit4 ERP installation and your other external systems.

Microsoft Silver Partner

As a Microsoft partner we have access to all the latest information, and we build all our solutions in line with MS best practise. Our partnership provides an assurance to our customers of our commitment to providing quality solutions and services delivered by Microsoft experts.

Unit4’s next-generation enterprise software supports our customers in delivering an exceptional People Experience to their organization and onward to their customers – from boosting success for students and professionals, to empowering the public servants and nonprofit teams doing good in the world.

We transform work to be more meaningful and inspiring through software that’s self-driving, adaptive and intuitive, intelligently automating administrative tasks and providing easy access to the answers people need.

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