Welcome to our new Customer Manchester NHS Mental Health & Social Care Trust

Manchester NHS Mental Health & Social Care Trust are now benefiting from our Remote DBA Services. Our Remote DBA Service is a cost effective solution for Organisations who need an experienced production DBA to manage, monitor and administer their systems, but do not have the volume of work to support employing a full time DBA.

Our Remote DBA service benefits include;

  • systems managed and monitored daily by qualified SQL Server DBA’s
  • ensuring your data is secure
  • environment is problem free
  • performance is at its best
  • access to an experience production DBA
  • reduction in overheads
  • excellent customer service


April Update

Welcome to our  April Update
It’s been a busy month and here are just some of the Agresso services we have provide in April.

  • A Live M4 Upgrade
  • A Live Milestone 5 Upgrade
  • Interface Consultancy
  • An Agresso Technical Health Check
  • A new M5 Installation at a green site
  • A Test Milestone 5 upgrade
  • And several Technical Training days

Agresso Technical Consultancy


Another successful Milestone 5 upgrade, this time from Agresso 5.53. Minimising system downtime was important for the customer, so most of the upgrade was carried out remotely over a weekend.This is the latests in a large number of Technical Upgrades to Milestone 4 and 5 that we have completed. The majority of upgrades have been from 5.5, although several have upgraded from 5.4.