Unable to Restore Transaction Log – Causes Stack Dump

When restoring a transaction log backup to a log shipped server, the restores fails and causes a stack dump.

Error Given

An error occurred while processing the log for database ”. If possible, restore from backup. If a backup is not available, it might be necessary to rebuild the log.

SQL Server Assertion: File: <mediaRead.cpp>, line=1018 Failed Assertion = ‘readSize <= m_Demand’. This error may be timing-related. If the error persists after rerunning the statement, use DBCC CHECKDB to check the database for structural integrity, or restart the server to ensure in-memory data structures are not corrupted.

When restoring a transaction log get a stack dump.

When restoring a full backup, the database is restored but it fails to restore the transaction log. Says that the transaction log is corrupt.

DBCC CHECKDB does not check the transaction log structure, so returns that no errors exist

Issue happened when Windows Updates were applied to the primary server.

Solution to the issue was to install the latest SQL Server Cumulative Update on the log shipped server.

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