Reporting Cyber Incidents

The UK landscape for cyber incident reporting is complex, demanding vigilance from organisations of all sizes. This article looks into the key regulations and timeframes you need to be aware of to ensure a swift and compliant response to cyber threats. The UK Regulatory Landscape Two primary regulations govern cyber incident reporting inthe UK. The […]

Firewall in OVH

Firewall for Dedicated Servers in OVH Cloud Overview of default firewall setup in OVH This is a guide on how to setup a Linux based firewall in OVH to protect your physical servers. By default OVH Dedicated Servers (Physical Servers) are only protected by Windows firewall and the OVH perimeter firewall. As of 2024 there […]

Why Employee Awareness Training is Crucial for Cyber Security

The Human Firewall With cyber-attacks plaguing businesses at an alarming rate, robust security systems are essential. However, often referred to as the weakest link in cyber defence, employees can be unwittingly manipulated or tricked into compromising security, this is where employee awareness training comes in. Why Awareness Training Matters Employees are often the unintentional entry […]

Why Our Behaviour Matters in Cyber Security

Our Actions can Pave The Way For a Cyber Attack Securing our digital lives often conjures images of complex firewalls and impenetrable encryption, yet a critical line of defence remains surprisingly analogue: human behaviour. Our actions, however well-intentioned, can inadvertently pave the way for cyberattacks, a reality with significant implications for individuals and organisations alike. […]

The Deception Game: Top Psychological Tactics Used by Cyber Criminals

Cyber Criminals Adept at Exploiting our Emotions In the ever-evolving world of cybercrime, one constant remains: the attacker’s reliance on manipulating human psychology. Cybercriminals are adept at exploiting our natural tendencies, emotions, and cognitive biases to gain access to our data, devices, and identities. Understanding these tactics is crucial for anyone who wants to stay […]