SQL Development of Loans Calculator Database

The Client

Well known UK & International Cinematic Entertainment organisation – SQL Development of Loans Calculator Database

The Problem

The company needed a way to track internal loans between their branches. They wanted to record the information about any loans created including size, interest rate, basis, duration and who was loaning to who etc. They also wanted to see information such as, repayment schedules, payments made and remaining balance. Any payments recorded in the system would update the loan details and schedules accordingly.

Another requirement was to be able to update the details of the loans like the interest rate and duration of the loan and have the loan schedules recalculate a new schedule from a set time onwards.

What We Did

We created a SQL database to record the details about the loans and the different branches making the loans. This stored data about the loans and the repayment schedules

The customer interacted with an Access front end where they could input, amend, update and report on loans. The actions taken in the front end updated on the SQL tables in the backend. Various scripts were written to alter the loan schedules and calculations when the user made changes like entering a repayment or changing the interest rate. This would change the calculations from the specified date in the schedule onwards. We worked closely with the customer to make sure the final delivery matched the expected figures based on the different conditions.

The Benefits

The organisation had an easy-to-use tool to track finances that helped with internal decision making and information recording. The tool was custom made to their needs, so it reflected the functionality, look, and feel they required.