Real Estate Investment Trust – ERP System Migration to Azure

The Client

Real Estate Investment Trust – Project and Transition Management of ERP system to Azure Cloud, Upgrade & Development & Release of Purchase to Pay Module.

The Problem

This international real estate investment customer had a road map of work that they want to undertake to streamline business processes, create efficiencies and become a more people centric organisation.  First on their Road Map was an upgrade of their Unit4 Business World ERP system, implementation of a Purchase to Pay Module and transition the ERP system from an on-premise solution to an internally managed Azure Hosted solution.

What We Did

Intersect provided full Project Management for the Upgrade, P2P implementation, and the transition to Azure Cloud. We provided Unit4 Business World technical consultancy and support, we coordinated and managed the end user testing, plus facilitate the migration to Azure cloud. Intersect worked closely with both the customers Finance and IT teams and we became a natural extension of these teams.  Our relationship with their internal teams, senior sponsors and external consultants was paramount to the success of this project, particularly given that there was as considerable amount to achieve in a 3-month window.

Our Project Management experience of large and complex projects proved invaluable to the Customer and this project. This coupled with our extensive Unit4, SQL, Azure and wider IT Technologies experience enabled us to fully understand and support the customer throughout this challenging project. In addition, our experience enabled us to provide advice and guidance on what works, what to avoid and how to gain efficiencies and cost savings We provided a seamless, stress-free Cloud transition, Upgrade and P2P implementation.

In addition, our SQL team optimized their ERP system and Azure experts provided Azure training to internal IT resource and support for IT when needed.

The Benefits

The Customer benefitted from a stable, robust and reliable infrastructure for their business-critical ERP system.

A smooth transition to Azure Cloud with Hypercare Support post go-live, to ensure prompt issue resolution if needed. A reduction in capital expenditure, access to their own data with no forced upgrades or restrictions on versions.

Our approach, experience and our attention to their needs facilitated a painless upgrade and a fully supported P2P implementation. With great commitment and effort by all involved the project was delivered on time and to budget.

“It was a pleasure working with Intersect, they demonstrated a high level of professionalism and went above and beyond to ensure a successful and smooth delivery of a complex project” – Finance Director