Well Known UK High Street Clothing Retailer – Migration to Intersect Cloud

The Client

Well Known UK High Street Clothing Retailer – Migration to Intersect Cloud (Private Data Centre)

The Problem

A well-known UK based high street and online clothing retailer have been using Unit4 Financials for 18 years, a system that is well equipped to deal with high volume, fast paced transactional based Organisations, such as retail.  Their system had been running on the same physical server for over 10 years and the environment had an old unsupported version of Windows Server with a 1TB Database running on an old version of Oracle. The largest issue for the customer was the reliability of the physical server due to its age.

Most users were running Unit4 Financials via a Web Client with around 15 users running a Desktop Client. There are also many interfaces going into the system, some of which are 24/7 continuous feeds.

The customer had several concerns about migrating to Cloud: the large number of interfaces going to and from the Database Server, would the network bandwidth at Head Office provide suitable performance, the large amount of Data requiring transfer – 3TB in total, in addition they were 3 major Oracle versions behind.

What We Did

This was far from a simple like for like migration, it incorporated several major upgrades including upgrading bespoke software.

We first built the new environment in our cloud environment on a new supported Windows Server platform. The Oracle software and Database were then upgraded from version 10g to 18c and Unit4 Financials software was also upgraded.

The Desktop client was deployed with seamless integration using Windows Server RemoteApp. This allowed the users to simply double click on an icon on their PC’s, which presented them with the logon screen for the Unit4 Financials program, (as opposed to logging in to a Web Portal first such as with Citrix). The Web Client was deployed via HTTPS and operated in a similar fashion. The concerns around network bandwidth from Head Office did not materialize. The migration and the upgrades, although presented some challenges was a success, delivered on time and to budget.

The Benefits

Our customer now has a stable, reliable Cloud Infrastructure for their Unit4 system. With a comprehensive Highly Availability Solution, robust Disaster Recovery, yearly Penetration Testing plus Defense Strategy which identifies & mitigates risk and includes response and recovery planning.

They have access to their own Database, with no forced upgrades or restrictions on versions.

They found that system performance had noticeably improved on Intersects Cloud Solution, and they immediately began to benefit from faster client responsiveness and reduce server-side processing time i.e., One resource intensive process was reduced from 4.5 days to 27 minutes.

Database refreshes for Test are done on demand at no additional cost. The environment is fully managed and supported in addition to being 24/7 monitored. We collaborated closely with the customer and as a result have built an excellent working relationship with them.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Intersect to move our Finance system into the Cloud.  They demonstrated a high level of professionalism and delivered our project to cost and time”. Head of Technology