Further Education – 6 x ERP Systems Migrated to Azure

The Client

Further Education – ERP x 6 Database Migrations to Intersect Fully Managed Cloud (Azure)

The Problem

Six FE colleges all running as separate entities but sharing the hosting and support of their Unit4 BW ERP system. The colleges have been a Unit4 Business World user for 15 years. They were hosting their solutions with a 3rd party supplier, with a separate supplier providing Unit4 BW application support. The colleges wanted a more cost-effective hosting solution that included proactive database management, software application support and consultancy for the 6 colleges.

Most users were running Unit4 BW via a Web Client with around 160 Desktop Client users. There are also several interfaces going in and out of the systems.

There was a 6-week window to turn this project around, as the contract with the 3rd party hosting supplier was coming to an end.

What We Did

We worked closely with the Finance and IT Departments at each college and produced a comprehensive Solution Design, which included a detail schema and details of the solution and services covered, plus it provided answers to all their questions and any concerns they may have had. The transition was fully projected managed from start to finish including the testing and once Live we provided hyper care for the two weeks to provide peace of mind ensure any to ensure any issues were dealt with quickly.

The solution is a fully private Azure Cloud solution, which means this is not multi-tenanted and no resources are shared.

The Desktop client is deployed using Windows Server RemoteApp. This allowed the users to simply double click on an icon on their PC’s, which presented them with the logon screen to their Unit4 ERP system (as opposed to logging in to a Web Portal first such as with Citrix). The Web Client was deployed via HTTPS and operated in a similar fashion.

The Benefits

Our customer has a stable and reliable Cloud Infrastructure for their Unit4 ERP system. With a comprehensive Highly Availability Solution, Point in Time Recovery, robust Disaster Recovery, yearly Penetration Testing plus Defense Strategy, which identifies & mitigates risk and includes response and recovery planning.

They have access to their own Database, with no forced upgrades or restrictions on versions.

Database refreshes for Test are done on demand at no additional cost.

The environment is fully managed and supported in addition to being 24/7 monitored.

We collaborated closely with the customer and as a result have built an excellent working relationship with them.

“As a Project Director, I was impressed with the high standard of work, speed and efficiency that Intersect delivered to ensure the successful migration of finance software from multiple fixed servers to the cloud, with all the organisations I represented reporting a very smooth transition with no interruptions to their services.”