SQL Estate Review & Consolidation Exercise for a Well Known UK Health Care Provider

The Client

Health Care Provider – Full SQL Estate Review & Consolidation

The Problem

This well-known UK Health Care provider required a review of their SQL Estate coupled with a consolidation exercise. Their SQL Instances were scattered, there was no consistency to their setup and little monitoring in place. This presented several issues including their management, security, and application performance. They wanted a review of their SQL Estate first then for the SQL instances to be consolidated on to consolidated SQL farms.

What We Did

We carried out a review of their current setup across all their SQL instances and ran a set of queries against these SQL instances to gather a range of information on each instance, such as, backup information, data files, SQL versions and access among other things. A report was presented to the customer, which highlighted areas of concern and provided recommendations.

We implemented the recommendations and then commenced a project to consolidate their SQL Estate. We also setup monitoring, so the customer would be alerted to various issue concerning their databases.

The Benefits

The report gave the customer a better view of their SQL Estate. They saved a considerable sum by consolidating. The systems are easier to managed, more secure and access controls are now in place for all environments

The changes we made to their systems improved security and ensured all instances were following best practices.