Cloud Architect Design, Project & Transition Management

The Client

Cloud Solution Architect Design, Full Project, and Transition Management to 3rd Party Hosting Solution

The Problem

In some sectors strict rules and regulations prevent some organisations from choosing their Hosting supplier, this project was one of those occasions. Intersect were contracted to design the Cloud Solution Architecture, provide full Project Management and Transition this organisations HR and Payroll systems to their 3rd party Hosting Supplier. This was a complex and challenging sixteen-month project with many stakeholders both internal and external and an exact timeline for delivery.

The organisation has several separate entities with individual IT, HR and Payroll Departments. All entities had to provide their own business requirements and agree the collective Solution Design that Intersect developed.

Each entity had a separate on-premise infrastructure solution for their HR and Payroll system. Servers were reaching end-of-life and the separate solutions were costing the organisation a six-figure sum more than the new collective solution Intersect designed.

What We Did

Our first job was to identify and build relationships with all the stakeholders. The stakeholders ranged from several internal IT, HR & Payroll Mangers, Testers, IT personnel and Project Sponsors to 6 external organisations whose services were all required to deliver a successful project.

We worked closely with the Internal stakeholders to gather all their requirements, we designed a ‘security first’ solution with high availability and robust disaster recovery. We provided full Project & Transition Management and provided hyper care beyond go-live to make sure any issues were resolved quickly.

We also worked closely with their hosting provider to ensure they delivered the solution according to the design. Intersect co-ordinated and managed all the internal and external resources and facilitate testing and the transition to the new environment.

The Benefits

The organisation benefitted from our technical expertise, exceptional project management and transition services, which concluded in the delivery of a solution that was secure, fast, robust and which met all the individual entities requirements. Our services saved the organisation time, resource and delivered a significant cost saving.

“Intersect project managed a very complex re-hosting arrangement for HR software, overcoming every obstacle with a can-do attitude and a sense of professional calm, working with many stakeholders to achieve a successful outcome. The solution architecture design provided by Intersect was fundamental to our new arrangement and their skill in transition management working with multiple partners enabled a positive outcome.” – Programme Director