Business Intelligence Project – Hospital Theatres Dashboard

The Client

Business Intelligence – Hospital Theatres Dashboard RE Covid

The Problem

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of surgeries being performed in UK hospitals were significantly limited to reduce the spread of infection. As a result, the backlog of operations to be performed rose accordingly.

What We Did

A National Programme was launched to increase throughput of Day Surgery Operations. The target set for the Hospital was to perform one more operation, per day, per Theatre to help reduce the backlog. To achieve this, it would be necessary to identify areas where efficiency could be increased.

Working with Clinical leads and Theatre Management, we developed a Power BI dashboard that exposed areas of underperformance and inconsistent practice. Performance could be monitored at Trust, Ward, Specialty, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Theatre Staff and Procedure levels.

For the first time, the Hospital had the ability to detect any disparity between practices. Reducing recovery times in the Day Surgery Theatres was a key area to address as improved throughput would increase bed capacity, allowing more operations to take place.

The dashboard identified that there was great variation in recovery times that arose due to different analgesics being administered for the same procedures.

It also identified areas of inconsistent practice, such as some Surgeons taking twice as long than their colleagues on average to perform certain procedures.

The Benefits

The stakeholders were very satisfied with the analysis and flexibility on this dashboard as it gave them far more insight than was previously available.

The granularity of the dashboard has enabled areas of underperformance to be identified and targeted action to be taken to improve the efficiency of the Day Case Surgery Unit. This intelligence is helping the Hospital identify practices that are more efficient and to achieve its target of increasing throughput and reducing the backlog.