Encrypting SQL Server Backups

If a database contains sensitive information, it is possible to encrypt any Full, Differential and Transaction Log backups that are taken of it.  This functionality is included with SQL Server Standard Edition and is not just an Enterprise feature. There are no requirements to enable any features in SQL Server, just simply create a Master […]

Creating a PFSense VM in Azure

How to create a PFSense VM in Azure using a custom image created in Hyper-V. PFSense is an excellent free firewall and this guide will take you through how to put the PFSense image onto an Azure VM and how to then set it up as a firewall in an Azure network. Creating the .vhdx […]

Unit4 ERP Mobile Apps

We are frequently asked about what server architecture is required for Unit4 ERP Mobile Apps. The simple reason being is that most on-premise Unit4 ERP systems are only directly accessible from the Local Area Network. While connections to the Mobile Apps module are generally carried out from a mobile phone or tablet that is not […]

Securely Send and Receive Passwords

To securely send a one-time password. The following is based upon SnapPass (https://github.com/pinterest/snappass) and we host it on a dedicated Web Server. It allows passwords to be sent securely as opposed to sending them via email. Once the recipient receives the email, they can only view it once and if not viewed, the URL will […]

Unable to Restore Transaction Log – Causes Stack Dump

When restoring a transaction log backup to a log shipped server, the restores fails and causes a stack dump. Error Given An error occurred while processing the log for database ”. If possible, restore from backup. If a backup is not available, it might be necessary to rebuild the log. SQL Server Assertion: File: <mediaRead.cpp>, […]