Agresso Maintenance Mode

If you have planned downtime for your Agresso system or just wish to inform users of an upcoming upgrade for example, it’s simply a case of going into the Agresso Management Console and enabling it.


For the Agresso Desktop Client, go into the Agresso Management Console on the server which is hosting the centrally configured client and navigate to the following screen.

Agresso Management Console

Enable maintenance mode and enter your desired message. Don’t forget to save your changes.
There are three settings in this screen for the ‘Shutdown Mode’. ‘None – Notification Only’ allows users to log on as normal but gives the following pop up message when they start the Agresso desktop client.

Agresso Notification

The further two settings deny access to the Agresso Desktop Client. Both are a variation of the same theme. The first one denies access for users using this particular central client but allows them access via other central clients should they exist. The bottom setting is the one that you would really use should you want to stop people logging in.

Agresso No Access

Once this is turned on the following is displayed when users start the Agresso Desktop Client.

Agresso System Unavailable

The settings for the Agresso Web Client are separate to the above. To enable this you will need to log onto the Agresso Web server and go to the following menu.

Agresso Web Client

The above settings will not disconnect any users that are already connected they only stop new connections. There are several more drastic ways of evicting connected users from the system such as rebooting the server, remove the share for the centrally configured client, restarting IIS etc.