UNIT4 Business World (Agresso) Technical & Project Management Services

Providing Services that will keep your Application & Business running smoothly

U4BW Technical Services

We provide Cloud Hosting, System Health Checks, Performance Tuning, Managed Service, Upgrade and Installation Services.

We first started providing Agresso Technical Consultancy in 1998 and since then have provided technical services to over 250 organisations.

U4BW Project Management

If you are looking to upgrade to the latest U4BW Milestone, implement new modules or are carrying out Development work with U4BW and require Project Management to ensure that the project runs smoothly, then please contact us.

Excellent Reliable Service

We are now 10 years down the line, so I think that counts for an excellent reliable service.

– Darryl Atherton, Applications Manager, Wigan Council.

U4BW Health Check

Our Agresso Technical Health Check provides a full Technical Audit Review of your U4BW environment and covers in depth the following areas;

– System Configuration – is it optimal
– Server Infrastructure – what could be improved
– Database Environment – is best SQL Server practice in place
– Performance – could the system run faster
– Availability and Disaster Recovery
– How secure is the environment

Each area is fully documented in detail in a Technical Review (TR) Report with issues highlighted and recommendations made for changes/improvements ensuring the Agresso system is fit for ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ purpose.

Health checks are ideal if you have issues with your environment or if you are thinking of upgrading to the latest U4BW Milestone.  

U4BW Performance Tuning

SQL Server systems in general that are developing and constantly storing more data require periodic optimisation.  If they aren’t, then performance will deteriorate over time.  Ideally, optimisation should be considered after an upgrade or any major development work.

Performance issues can effect the entire U4BW system, or the issue may just be in one or more enquiries or reports running slow or windows slow to populate when tabbing between fields.

We specialise in Performance Tuning SQL Server based systems and in particular have a lot of experience with optimising U4BW so are very familiar with what can cause issues.

Some of the benefits that organisations have gained after we have optimised their systems are;

– Increased performance
– A positive increase in End User experience
– Reports running faster
– Resource savings

U4BW Upgrades

For organisations looking to upgrade UNIT4 Business World to the latest release we provide a cost-effective and efficient Technical Upgrade service.

Our experience of carrying out U4BW technical upgrades goes back to 1998 and we have upgraded every version of the product since Agresso 4. We have carried out several customer upgrades to the latest release of U4BW – Milestone 7 (Spring 2017).

Technical Project Management is included as part of the service and we also give guidance on server sizing and all of the other pre-requisites for the upgrade such as supported platforms and what software is required.

To minimise system downtime, many of our Live U4BW Upgrades are carried out on Friday evening. By using this approach the Technical Upgrade is normally completed before midday on Saturday.

For more information call: 01942 366730
or email