What is it?
The Agresso password reset functionality provides users with a password reset link on the logon screen of the ABW Desktop and ABW Web Applications. If they have forgotten their password they can click on the link and receive an email which allows them to reset it.





Email integration will need to be setup and active on the Agresso Business Server. As a general rule email this is normally activated in the live environment

In the User Master File each user will need to have their email address set up against their Agresso login.

If you are planning on testing this first, make sure that nothing on the test system is going to send emails out. Thinking of Intellagent jobs emailing users that they have not done their time sheets. Or emails being sent to external suppliers and customers. Normally a good idea to update the email addresses in the AGLADDRESS table before email is made active on the test system.

If a user forgets their password and tries entering it three times (default setting) it will lock their account out. If they then click on the password reset link, it will allow them to change their password, but their account will still be locked out.

The setup is quite easy and straightforward, there are just two settings within the Agresso Management Console that need activating.

Log into the AMC and go to the following menu and select an email profile from the drop down list. This will be used to send the password reset emails.







Then to turn this setting on, go to the menu immediately above it – Password Policy and turn it on.






The warning message can be ignored if you have already set the mail profile in the previous step.
The two settings just update values in Common Parameters. So you could alternatively configure the settings by going into the Common Parameters screen and setting the values for SYSTEM_MAIL_PROFILE to the mail profile that you want to use and PWD_RESET_ALLOWED to true.