Can you afford to do nothing? If there is a disaster or unexpected event and you have Payroll or other business critical functions how quickly can your organisation resume these operations, hours, days, weeks? How do you quantify the cost of not investing in a backup and recovery solution? Doing nothing can seem like a good plan until something happens.
Disaster Recovery is a big concern for most organisations and it is not surprising that many organisations (large and small) have no DR plan in place or they may have one but it is not fit for purpose, it’s costly and it has not been updated to keep up with technological and organisational developments. On average companies reported 2.3 business outages per year and that is just one type of potential disaster. Severe weather is another, flooding has caused lots of problems for many UK businesses over the past 2 years with hardware being the most common single source of failure.
Think about the impact on productivity, how many employees will be effected, what is the average cost per hour of those employees, what will the impact on revenue be? Use a Downtime Cost Calculator to get an idea for your organisation, then think about is it really worth doing nothing.
At ERP Hosting we offer DR solutions for Agresso and other SQL Server based system. You do not have to be one of our Cloud Hosted customers to enjoy the peace of mind and benefits of one of our DR solutions. If you have a Business Critical SQL Server application or you have Agresso Business World (Unit 4) we can review your current plan, make recommendations for improvements and present you with DR options for a DR solution that is fit for purpose, cost effective and better than doing nothing.